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Albon Plumbing can install a turn-key Kohler® or Generac® whole house generator system in conjunction with our electrician, or just install the gas line for your generator installer to use.

Whole House Generators

Generac and Kohler Generators Chatham, NJ It seems weather events that cause power outages are on the rise.  A whole-house automatic standby generator give you the peace of mind in knowing that as soon as the power goes out, that your generator will automatically start and switch your home energy usage to the generator.  Live in comfort when that winter storm tries to turn off your heat, or that hurricane tries to rob power from your sump-pump and air conditioning.

Generator Maintenance

Albon plumbing can provide a maintenance plan for your generator.  Your Generac and Kohler generators require regular maintenance and our maintenance plans can provide quality service at a reasonable price so your generator is ready when you need it..

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